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Our Dedication to a Substance-Free Event

Bhakti practices are profound, sacred, and most authentically experienced free of the influences of drugs, plant medicines, and alcohol.

In leaving substances out of the event, we collectively make a choice that reflects our commitment to creating an atmosphere of love, respect, and authenticity.  By eliminating external distractions, we can create an experience that nourishes the soul, fosters connection, and leaves a lasting imprint of love on our hearts.


We strive to be as clear as possible regarding our devotional intentions to create a sober, welcoming, safe space for all.

We kindly ask all attendees to respect the following measures throughout the duration of the festival: 

  • Alcohol, plant medicine, cannabis, and any other state-altering substances are prohibited.

  • Smoking (of all kinds) is prohibited on and around the Main Stage, Workshop & Yoga tents areas.

Bhakti Bliss and its creators will be taking the following measures to ensure a substance-free event:

  • Our Ticket Tailor checkout page will include a statement that requires everyone purchasing festival tickets to acknowledge and agree that they will be coming into a family-friendly, substance-free environment, and that as a participant, they will commit to upholding and honouring these principles.

  • Our opening ceremony will remind participants to respect and hold a substance-free space on the festival grounds.

  • Periodic reminders of our intention to honour our commitment to a drug and alcohol-free environment will be announced to participants throughout the festival.

Thank you for your commitment to keep the Bhakti Bliss Yoga & Music Festival substance-free.

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